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Tax Due Date
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Tax Collector Information

The Tax Collector is charged with the responsibility of receiving and collecting all taxes and assessments both current and delinquent. The office is also responsible for mailing property tax bills, maintaining tax records and conducting annual tax sales.

Taxpayers are urged to read all of the information contained on the front and the back of their tax bills. Please note that according to New Jersey State Law, failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt a property owner from payment of taxes.

Your tax bill will be sent once annually, unless the Township allows an estimated 3rd quarter bill to be issued. Estimated Bills are mailed in Mid-June. The Remaining quarters are mailed in September.

Online Payments

Manage your account & pay your Tax Bill anytime 24/7

There are fees associated with paying your bill online. If you pay by ACH or e-check, there is a $1.95 convenience fee. The fee for all debit and credit card payments will be approximately 2.95% of your total bill.

Lock Box Payment

We highly encourage you to place your payment in our secure payment lock box located on the right-hand side of the Main Entrance of the Municipal Building, located at 1 Municipal Drive, Flemington, NJ 08822. 

This payment box is checked multiple times daily. Payments received after 4 pm will be posted the next business day.

Please note: Effective 8/11/2022, per resolution 22-90, The Township will no longer accept cash for property tax payments.

Mail & In-Person

By sending a check or money order payable to: Raritan Twp Tax Collector, 1 Municipal Drive, Flemington, NJ 08822

Please include the remittance / stub portion of your bill

To receive a receipt, please include both portions of your bill along with a self-addressed stamped envelope

In person, with check or money order, at our office located at 1 Municipal Drive, Room 168, Flemington, NJ

Late Payments

We encourage you to mail your payment in advance of the due date.  Payments are processed on the receipt date; we do not process payments based on the postmarked date. Post-dated checks are not accepted.  Payments made after 4pm on the 10th of each quarter will incur a late fee. The fee for returned payments is $20.00 per check or other written instrument