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One Municipal Drive, Flemington, NJ 08822

Raritan Township Municipal Court

One Municipal Drive,
Flemington, NJ 08822

Raritan Township Municipal Court - 1021
Alexandria Township Municipal Court - 1001
Frenchtown Borough Municipal Court - 1011
Holland Township Municipal Court - 1015
Joint Court of the Delaware Valley* - 1020
*dissolved 2020 - custodial retention of cases

Municipal Court Information

Payments of traffic fines and criminal time payments can be paid at
Some traffic cases may be eligible to be disputed online* at 

*Insert case information as if you were going to pay, then click "dispute case" above.  A list of cases that are eligible for online dispute below under Court Documents.

Court is only being held virtually through Zoom at this moment.  To get more information about your virtual court case, please e-mail the Court Administrator

Here in the Raritan Township Municipal Court, we hear a wide variety of cases including motor vehicle offenses, petty disorderly and disorderly persons complaints which can include assault, shoplifting and drug cases, as well as local agency and code enforcement violations for Raritan Township, Alexandria Township, Frenchtown Borough, Holland Township and unresolved cases from the Joint Court of the Delaware Valley. We also host a program called Community Dispute Resolution which seeks to resolve disputes between parties with the assistance of trained mediators. Cases that might be referred to mediation include noise complaints, harassment complaints, bad check complaints, animal complaints and similar issues. 

Virtual Court Schedule
Court is held three Wednesday's out of the month.
1st Wednesday -  Raritan Township Cases, Public Defender Cases ( all towns)
2nd Wednesday - Raritan Township Cases
3rd Wednesday - All 5 Townships will be heard, Public Defender Cases (all towns), Spanish Interpreter Cases (all towns)

Zoom invitations will be sent the Friday before court.
9:00 am - Attorney Calendar
10:00 am - Pro Se Calendar
11:00 am - Cases ready to go on the record
11:30 am- Public Defender Calendar
12 pm - Spanish Interpreter Calendar

Before attending your Virtual Court Session, Please review the link(s) below: 


Charles E. Carro

Bianca Watkins
Interim Court Administrator

Brielle Ramirez
Deputy Court Administrator

Michael O'Grodnick, Esq.
Municipal Prosecutor

Jennifer Toth, Esq.
Nakicha T. Barr, Esq.
Public Defenders