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Welcome to FAQs for your taxes. If you don't find your question answered below please visit the tax collector's page,  or contact our tax collector, Kris Boxwell


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How is the amount of my property tax determined?

In order for the amount of your tax to be determined, the Office of the Assessor must first assess the value of your property. After the Office of the Assessor has determined the property value, the Office of the Collector applies the appropriate tax rate which includes the following:

  • County Rate
  • County Library Rate
  • County Open Space Rate
  • Municipal Rate
  • Municipal Open Space Rate
  • Local & District Schools Rate

The Office of the Collector prepares the tax bills based on the calculations, distributes the bills, and then collects the taxes.

For more information on how the assessed value is determined, contact the Office of the Assessor at (908) 806-6933